Wood Faux Finish Super-Powers: 10 reasons to get them. Part 3 of 3

This is part 3 of Wood Faux Finish Super-Powers, Part One is here and here’s part two.

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7. Woodworking costs and enhancements

Experienced carpenters bill $75 per hour or more because of the costs of insurance, bond, license, tools, vehicle…

More importantly, they’ve spent a lifetime building a valuable skill and deserve to be paid well.

Many of my readers and students are woodworkers who rely on wood faux finish skills for repair and enhancement of projects.

If you can stain and varnish, you can learn to paint faux wood grain in any species.

Imagine that you can repair and improve any damaged wood surface.

8. Wood Faux Finish Emotional Impact

As mentioned in the “Profit” section from part one of this series, people will often freak out when they see your wood faux finish work.

I’ve actually had clients get tearful the first time they see their completed project.

People talk! Whether you’ve grained their classic car dash board, furniture, floor… they tell everyone about the amazing wood grain project you did for them.

It’s like Facebook: They tell their friends and family and they tell theirs and this adds up quickly.

I love to give gifts of wood effect paint items I’ve created. Take an old jewelry box and transform it into something precious for an anniversary, mothers day… Such items can become cherished heirlooms.

Wood Faux Finish Oak/Lapis Lazuli Reclaimed Jewelry Box perfect woodgrain
An old jewelry box headed for the dumpster. After transformation it sold for $175.

9. Expand your awareness, your area of expertise and your art

When I started getting good at painting wood grain, I got work from sources I’d never even considered. Clients and friends wanted me to use it in sign painting, car painting, cabinets…

Whatever your area of focus, faux wood graining will change the way you see the world around you, because you’ll become aware of all the gorgeous wood grain design and nature and you’ll imagine how you can recreate and use it in your own work.

10. Infinite creative possibilities

Since each real wood species offers many grain and color variations, the design possibilities are endless.

With the Perfect Wood Grain course, you’ll develop a portfolio of professional wood faux finish samples; a solid foundation for learning any type of wood.  When you see some amazing wood grain that you want to paint, you’ll use your new skills to add it to your arsenal of tools.

Most of the time clients come to us with incomplete ideas. When a custom car owner says “I want a wood dash”, you’ll have a universe of ideas to work with and you’ll be able to take that vague request and guide them to a phenomenal, unique design.




Would you like some help with Faux Woodgrain?

Link to woodgrain paint course sign up page

Link to woodgrain car paint course sign up page




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