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The web is JAMMED with bad graining info

Years ago, Robert sent me this email (we also talked on the phone and he was very frustrated)

“I’ve been trying to learn faux graining for YEARS and I’m so lost! 

Everybody, from home repair gurus to interior designers to craft bloggers to car painters… offer conflicting info, recommend different brushes and paints and over-priced workshops and magic potions…

And most of it looks terrible!!

This is the end of my graining quest. If you can’t help me, I’m DONE! I’m giving up.

I was able to help, and Robert went on to win awards in his industry for work that incorporates extensive faux wood paint.

Robert wasn’t the 1st or last artist to reach out to me with this problem

“I’ve obtained a small library on decorative painting…
…many on faux wood graining. None compare to your generous lessons. Thank you Norman.”

~Adam P. Expert grainer, high end trim & cabinet finisher


Faux Hardwood Paint Courses Open Now

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How will you apply these gorgeous finishes?

  • Doors: Interior, exterior, garage…
  • Tables, dressers, chairs… any furniture
  • Trim, casing, baseboard, cove, crown, paneling…
  • Inlay and marquetry
  • Auto dash boards, escutcheons, trim, woodies…
  • Boxes, small gifts and interior decorating items
  • Kitchen and bath cabinets and doors
  • Anything you can imagine!
faux wood painted door in walnut
Faux Walnut Door Historic Restoration
dashboard perfectwoodgrain Faux birds eye maple hudson hornet woodgrain
Hudson Hornet Dash in Faux Birds Eye Maple


Here’s how you’ll get graining skills

  • Crystal clear, No guess work: Every detail of tool, brush and material use explained
  • Videos: Each step demonstrated in narrated video
  • Access: Stream videos and view eBooks 24/7/365 for self study freedom
  • Hi-Res images with Step-By-Step text 
  • Every stage is covered: From primer to gorgeous grain to final clear coats
  • Woodgrain Color and glaze mixing demonstrated in video and careful instruction
  • Secrets of close-focus, highly detailed faux wood for mind bending realism
Faux Cherry painted raised panel door close up


View your courses on your laptop, desktop & tablet


PDF eBooks are the easiest to download, open and read.

Load the eBook on your iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire and Laptop for easy viewing in the studio or on the job.

No digging through long videos: The eBook features links to videos specific to each lesson. 


  • Although I’m an artist and have worked in glazes prior to this, your system was so easy to follow and made this project a breeze!

    Thanks again for your Perfect Woodgrain course. The step-by-step process was as if you were teaching me one-on-one."

    ~ Debra W. Faux Finisher specializing in historic home restoration
    "I’m really grateful to you for sharing your knowledge as I couldn’t have done it without your excellent books and videos!
  • He has exposed the nitty gritty that all real craftsman want to know–not just the generic guidelines.

    Additionally, he has showed willingness to personally help me one on one with any questions I’ve had and obstacles I’ve encountered. It is well worth the investment!”

    ~Christopher S. Cabinet reface and door restoration pro
    “Perfect Woodgrain lessons are by far the most detailed available
  • and providing helpful information. Thank you Norman!"
    ~ Jordan W. Faux Finisher specializing in Faux Wood Doors
    "You have been so great at getting back to me...
    "This course paid for itself on my first project TIMES TEN!"
    ~Mike T. Furniture repair expert
  • I'm already working on my first wood grain dash."
    ~David R. Antique auto restoration hobbyist
    "This course rocks!
    "Great product, Great communication!"
    ~Stacy T. Professional faux finisher
  • "This guy is pure genius!
    I learned more about wood grain and colors from this artist than anyone or anywhere in my entire career in the film industry.

    His instruction has been instrumental to the way I finish movie props that require faux wood.

    I can vouch first hand that you'll take away more knowledge than you'll know what to do with.
    Not trying to sound like an infomercial... just being totally honest! Thanks bro for all your hard work!"

    ~Ken P. Film set and prop designer
  • ...many on faux wood graining. None compare to your generous lessons. Thank you Norman."

    ~Adam P. Expert grainer, high end trim and cabinet finisher, color matching master
    “I’ve obtained a small library on decorative painting…


ZERO risk 60 day no-hassle guaranty

I’ve worked very hard to make sure that these courses get results, and my students agree.

That being said, the eBook comes with a full 60-day money-back guaranty.

If you’re disappointed for any reason, just shoot me an email and we’ll part ways.

Full refund. No questions asked.

Norman Petersen

Choose the Woodgrain Courses you need, below

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You’ll learn

  • Basic grain for simple projects and “side grain”
  • Tool creation and use unique to the Perfect Woodgrain method 
  • Heart, knots, figure and cracks for mind bending realism 

I spent many hours developing techniques to get the colors and textures right for Cherry. I think it paid off.

The tight, turbulent, active under grain in Cherry creates a foundation for a very wide range of colors, grains and other features.

You’ll first learn to grain a subtle, basic Cherry. Over this, we’ll paint rich reds and yellows, straight grain and heart grain, simple and more curly figure, unique cherry “pin knots” and more.

Cherry hardwood is widely used in residential and commercial construction and remodel.

Natural Cherry gets darker and more red over time from exposure to UV light and other environmental elements.

A mid-priced, sustainable hardwood, it’s common in flooring, cabinetry, milwork, doors…

Attractive dramatic and subtle features make it suitable for the finest furniture, boxes, gifts, frames…

Cherry is a favorite among home owners, designers, builders and faux finishers. Don’t be surprised when clients call with requests for faux Cherry cabinets.

 Regular: 37.99

Holiday SALE: 27.99

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Antique Brown Oak

You’ll learn

  • Basic, easy textured Oak grain and “side grain”
  • Rubber and metal comb use
  • Dramatic heart grain, knots, figure, cracks…
  • Quarter Sawn Brown Oak 

Oaks have enough characteristics in common that you’ll be able to create all you’ll ever need with just a few paint techniques.

This course focuses on what’s often referred to as “English Brown Oak”.

Some furniture craftsmen call it “Pub Oak” because it was commonly used in public houses like bars, restaurants and government buildings in England, Ireland and early America.

While there are a variety of English, American and other Brown Oaks, those differences can be matched using the techniques taught in this this course through color and brush/tool work variations.

Regular: 47.99

Holiday SALE: 37.99



You’ll learn

  • A very simple, basic (but gorgeous) Maple
  • Rag and blending techniques for vibrant “curly” figure
  • Birds Eye knots, grain and figure
  • Dramatic heart grain, knots…

The wood that brightens the room, maple is perhaps the most bright and cheerful of the commonly used hardwoods.

It’s the only wood where lighter sapwood is used as often as heart.

Perhaps most famous for “curly” “quilted” and “birds-eye”, carpenters work tirelessly with sand paper and finishes to maximize these features.

Hard Maple is common in flooring from basketball courts and dance-floors to bowling alleys and residential homes.

It’s tight, dense structure makes it suitable for musical instruments, knife handles, baseball bats, pens, and other turned objects.

Regular: 37.99

Holiday SALE: 27.99


Antique Yellow Pine

You’ll learn

  • Unique, powerful rubber comb creation and application for basic and advanced grain
  • Dramatic “flair” knots
  • Quick and efficient straight grain
  • Flowing heart grain
  • Rich figure and more

Golden and amber tones, graceful lines, deep red flare knots and lots of gorgeous heart grain.

Over the decades, this wood has transcended rough construction and become a mainstay of American design.

At its most basic level, Faux Pine can be painted quickly with a minimum of brush and tool work.

But don’t be surprised when you find the advanced techniques irresistible.

Home and business owners need trim, cabinets and other millwork matched with reclaimed Pine beams and flooring.

It’s great for upgrading old furniture, creating early American style paneling, or whatever your imagination can dream up.


Regular: 37.99

Holiday SALE: 27.99


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Walnut & Walnut Burl

You’ll learn

  • Basic, simple (but gorgeous) Walnut
  • Advanced heart grain and figure
  • Walnut Burl: Flowing burl grain, knot clusters and rich, complex figure 
  • Can be applied to create burls in other wood types. 

Walnut lines can be long, flowing and graceful or very tight and complex. As with other very dense hard woods, knots burl features and cracks are not uncommon.

Colors range from soft yellow-orange to midnight black, chocolates and dark purples.

The popularity of Walnuts beautiful dark, rich tones and complex grain structures exploded post war in the states. 

“Mid-Century” Walnut wood work became some of the most inventive and sought after furniture in the history of the craft.

For design purposes, Walnut makes a great contrast to lighter woods and is found in paneling, doors, flooring and cabinetry, smaller decorative pieces, sculpture and of course furniture.



Holiday SALE: 47.99


Macassar Ebony

You’ll learn

  • Custom tool making for creating the unique grain of this exotic hardwood
  • Fine parallel grain
  • Brilliant curly figure and more.  

Macassar Ebony is a vibrant tropical hardwood with warm undertones ranging from light ocher to deep orange.

The grain is black and primarily thick and wide, but can also be lacy and fine.

Macassar Ebony is popular among the finest furniture makers and can be found in all eras from Art Nouveau to Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern to current designs.

It’s favored by fine musical instrument makers, for lathe turning projects and much more.

While not yet listed as endangered, this wood is increasingly rare and expensive due to deforestation as well as importing difficulties caused by political issues.

I love Macassar Ebony for inlay and accent on furniture and just about anywhere else.

Regular: 32.99

Holiday SALE: 22.99

  • Fake Painted Macassar Ebony Woodgrain Perfectwoodgrain


Figured & Quarter Sawn Oak 

You’ll learn

  • Multi-directional grain patterns unique to Oak
  • Advanced white and red oak heart grain 
  • Quarter Sawn Red and White Oaks
  • Oak Cats Paw knot clusters, cracks, flare figure and much more

This is perhaps the most extensive course I offer. You’ll learn to use steel and rubber combs, burlap and other tools unique to this highly sought after, versatile hardwood.  

And this course includes an extensive section dedicated to brilliant Quarter Sawn Figured Oak

With over 400 species of oak trees and shrubs, you could spend a lifetime learning nothing but faux Oak, and never even scratch the surface of possibilities.

Lucky for us, the common Oaks share enough characteristics that you’ll be able to create all you’ll ever need with these paint techniques.

All that variety makes for a vast range of possibilities of color, shape and texture.

Figure (curly, fiddle, pillow…) as seen in many other woods, tends to fade and disappear over time. This is especially true of Oak. 

Since our figure is painted, we don’t face that problem. Instead, we get to incorporate great looking figure that will last as long as the paint.

Regular: 57.99

Holiday SALE: 47.99


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Important Note: If you’re thinking of getting more than three courses, it may be more cost effective to get either The Faux Wood Master Course or The Car Graining Course.