The Dodge owner saw the faux wood background and frame on a sign I painted for a local business and hired me to woodgrain his car. 

In terms of this era of woodgrain in Dodge cars, it’s totally custom, vs original. The owner was aware of this, but wanted the car to have a unique look on the interior.

We achieved this with a hyper-realistic faux oak heart grain dash, trim and escutcheons with painted joints, knots and cracks and other details throughout. 

In terms of overall condition and restoration, the car would rate about a 7 out of 10, one reason the owner wasn’t concerned about returning to the factory graining.

Furthermore, he knew that even in a state of perfect restoration, this make, model and year would have limited value, as least in the near term. So he chose to have fun with the project instead of worrying about “factory” condition. 

I definitely had fun with the project and the car continues to delight crowds at car shows.