Painted Faux Wood Grain Inspiration from Real Wood

Painted Faux Wood Grain Inspiration

Just a quick post… to share some inspiring work by real wood working artists for inspiring painted wood grain art.

I look to great woodworking for more than just examples of grain. I get ideas for color combinations, balance, dimensions, joinery…

These accomplished artists offer a wealth of skill, talent and inspiration. 

Painted wood grain inspiration from Aryma Marquetry UK
Thai Magpie on cherry from Aryma UK

Painted wood grain inspiration from Aryma
Dogwood Inlay from Aryma UK

Check out Aryma Contemporary Marquetry for more inspiration

Painted wood grain inspiration from David-Gray-Northwest-Woodworkers-Gallery
Oregon Walnut table with bow-tie joinery by David Gray at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery in Seattle.

See tons more at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery in Seattle.

Painted wood grain inspiration from Dumonds Walnut, Ebony
Live edge Walnut table with ebony bow-ties from Paul Dumond

Rustic Furniture Maker Paul Dumond builds Nakashima style furniture in Montana. Rustic slab tables and desks using solar power and recycled woods.

I use real wood to guide, inspire and teach my readers how to learn painted wood grain.

High resolution images of real wood are included in the Perfect Wood Grain courses. Whether you’re excited for faux wood car paint, craft projects, cabinets, doors, fine art… you’ll love this powerful approach to wood grain faux finishes. 

Do you find these examples of real wood inspiring? Please take a minute to comment on what inspires you to paint. 

Norman Petersen



Would you like some help with Faux Woodgrain?

Link to woodgrain paint course sign up page

Link to woodgrain car paint course sign up page




5 Responses

  1. Crystal Blue
    | Reply

    I am looking for the link for the class, either version 1or version 2, I don’t care!! but I think I have read every page of this website and I am not seeing the link.
    yes I saw and viewed the sample chapter. Is this all that is available?
    Thank you!

    • Norman
      | Reply

      Hi, Crystal. It’s always great to hear from people who are excited to learn wood grain. To answer your question, I’m opening Perfect Wood Grain Mastery 2.0 in late October.

      My current group of coaching students have helped me make big improvements to the course. It’s gonna be awesome and I promise the wait will be well worth it.

      Thanks again. Looking forward to working with you and all the new students.


  2. Dave
    | Reply

    Web site Is a little hard to follow is the complete course available in old fashioned easy to read book form with out down loading ereader. If so could you let me know the different levels and pricing. I am just and old car painter not a computer genius.

    • Norman
      | Reply

      Hey, Dave
      Thanks for the questions. If you click “Buy the course” up at the top of the page, you’ll see all the details about the course. You’ll need Acrobat reader to read the .pdf file. Easy to install and doesn’t require a degree from M.I.T. to use. Right now (until Wednesday, 3/27) you can get the ebook AND the Studio-Manual book for under $100. With the Studio-Manual, you can read through the ebook a couple of times then use the hard copy while working on your projects.

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