Hudson Hornet Woodgrain Project

This is a project I did in August, 2014 for a fella based in New England. He saw this site and sent me a note through my Service Inquiry form. 

The car is a 1952 Hudson Hornet. A legend of auto racing, cherished by collectors and NASCAR history enthusiasts. 

After we agreed on a price, he sent me some seat fabric samples and images of the car so I could create a grain unique to his car.

We decided that Birdseye Maple with a reddish tone, to harmonize with the red plaid upholstery, was the way to go. I created a few samples and emailed him photos for approval. 

A sample for tone and simple grain. The color is right, but we decided on a less active grain. 

Hudson Hornet faux wood grain Sample

I sent images and communicated progress through each stage of the project. I’ve found this to be one of the most important aspects of my service. People want to know how the job is going. For this reason, silence is bad. Customers want to be updated, so I stay in touch through each stage. 

Some pieces base coated and curing (the base color was more yellow than this shot shows due to sun light). 

Huson Hornet Trim Base Coated

This bar escutcheon gets bolted to the back of the rear seat and includes a rope for passengers to hold on to. A very fast car, apparently. 

Hudson Hornet woodgrained escutcheon

 A close up of a small escutcheon. 

Hudson Hornet maple grained small escutcheon

Window rings with painted carpentry joints and birds eyes. 

Hudson Hornet faux wood window ring

Hudson Hornet window trim grained in faux maple

There were a total of 15 pieces. Here are a few, ready for shipping from Seattle to New England (shipping cost was around $65).Hudson Hornet maple grained interior trim pieces

Hudson Hornet faux grained interior trim pieces

I don’t have pics of the installed work yet, as the car is still in project mode. I’ll update this post when I get them. 

Here’s an original advertisement for the car. 

Hudson Hornet Advertisement 1952


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