Create gorgeous faux wood that friends and family love and

Clients are happy to pay for

She was inconsolable…

I was hired to apply faux cherry woodgrain in an early 1930’s mansion master bed and bath. 

Doors, casing, crown molding and baseboards.

I was to match my faux work to the real cherry hardwood of the bathroom vanity.

I’d thought the project went well.

That’s when I heard her sobbing (more on that in a minute…). Advanced Cherry Heart faux painted Figured Cherry with Pin Knots as taught in The Faux Wood Master Course

Do your paint projects cause joy and excitement?

Imagine showing your portfolio to someone who’s never seen convincing faux woodgrain. 

You’ll often get to witness a range of emotions from surprise to excitement to shear joy!

It happens to me, and my students have the same experience.

It often goes something like…


What? You did that with paint?!”


This is the ultimate compliment for my students…

When the person viewing your art is stunned that you’re able to recreate one of the the most beautiful things in nature with a few paints and brushes.

But the real magic happens when a project is completed and the client sees it for the first time.

Also, when they get to show off their project to friends and family.

I once overheard a client telling her neighbor

Well, yes walnut hardwood is very expensive but I just had to have it for these French doors (giggle).”

It’s up to her if and when to share the true story behind the magical finish. In this way, for as long as she owns the home, she gets to be the magician.

Some of what you’ll learn in the Faux Wood Master Course

Viewing this on a phone? Rotate for max width view, please

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  • Antique Brown Oak
  • Quarter Sawn Brown Oak
  • Figured White Oak
  • Quarter Sawn White Oak
  • Basic Maple with Curly Figure
  • Birdseye Maple
  • Basic Black Walnut
  • Black Walnut Heart
  • Walnut Burl
  • Antique Yellow Pine
  • Figured Cherry Heart with Pin Knots
  • Figured Basic Cherry
  • Macassar Ebony


She wouldn’t stop crying!

As I was saying, I was putting the final protective clear coat on the faux cherry doors… I hadn’t heard her come home.

She was standing at the other end of the large, well appointed room, crying.

I don’t mean damp eyes; I mean real crying.

Fortunately, she was also smiling. Through the tears, she said something like…


Oh my God the crown molding is just gorgeous… and… the doors… My doors look so GREAT!”


Eventually, the tears stopped, but she went on like this for some time…


How on earth did you do this…? (takes out phone) I need to get Gloria over here. She’s gonna flip!”


I assured her everything would be okay and asked if we should proceed with the hallway trim and that fireplace mantel she’d mentioned?


BTW, I did several projects for that client and I still get calls from people she’s referred to me!


The reactions from customers are often like this. From a tabletop brought back to life with faux walnut heart, to painted birds-eye maple cabinet doors…


There are few things as rewarding as a thrilled, even emotionally overwhelmed client. Well, that and the fat checks they’re happy to write.


perfectwoodgrain Lover doors installed faux painted cherry cabinet doors

Something had to be done!

As an architectural finishes professional of over 25 years, I’ve done projects for state senators, captains of industry, an Olympic medalist…

I’ve applied this art in all manor of businesses, homes, cars, signs, floors, furniture and other decorative objects…

Way back when…

Mostly, I had to teach myself. Even today, I’ve found quality faux wood instruction to be almost non-existent… 

  • Faux painting books mostly offer token graining sections, poor instructions and worse photos.
  • Overpriced DVD’s teach only one or two woods.
  • Seminars cost $800 to $1200 (plus travel and lodging!) with no video, no eBooks or other support materials. 


So yeah, something had to be done. I decided to write, photograph, film and narrate the definitive, complete faux wood painting system.

How will you apply this valuable skill?

  • Doors: Interior, exterior, garage…
  • Tables, dressers, chairs… any furniture
  • Trim, casing, baseboard, cove, crown, paneling…
  • Inlay and marquetry
  • Auto dash boards, escutcheons, trim, woodies…
  • Kitchen and bath cabinets and doors
  • Boxes, small gifts and interior decorating accessories
  • Anything you can imagine!

The course is taught in three modules…

Module One: Get Prepped & Ready

It’s frustrating to waste time and money guessing which color or brush or glaze you need for a project. 

Over the years I’ve made all the dumb mistakes on your behalf… purchased mountains of brushes, tools and gadgets for painting faux finishes. 


Prepped & Ready eliminates all the guess work about tools, brushes, colors, glaze…

  • The ultimate guide to outfitting your faux finishing studio
  • Includes the specific list of brushes, tools & materials used in the course
  • How to create and use practice panels for easy learning and expert portfolio development
  • Acrylic vs Oil mediums demystified and compared
  • Color adjustment for matching existing woods and working with design pallets
  • Clear coats for visual depth and protecting your work for years to come
  • Surface preparation for woods, metals, plastics and more
  • Masking secrets for sharp, clean lines and mess-free projects

And much, much more…

Module Two: Learn to create from real wood models

I developed my skills by focusing on and mimicking REAL wood for TOTAL REALISM and I’m going to show you how to do the same. 

This is HUGE! because it means that you’ll acquire the skill to paint ANY wood you want, not just my examples.

Virtually every other method uses images of faux wood to teach.

I’ll make you an expert at leveraging the most gorgeous features of real wood to maximize realism in your grain work.

  • 70 carefully chosen, high resolution images of valuable real woods, specific to each lesson
  • You’ll refer to these models extensively as you learn this powerful graining method
  • You’ll learn how to build your personal image library of real wood models for project inspiration and professional excellence


Real figured Walnut. One of dozens of high-res models provided with the course.


Figured Cherry Real Wood Model. You’ll learn to find the best real wood images and build a personal model library.

Module Three: The Faux Wood Master Course Graining lessons and videos


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this course will have you creating expert finishes with skill and confidence. 

You’ll master specific hard woods to build a gorgeous, comprehensive graining skill set, with a portfolio of amazing samples to prove it. 


  • Over 100 pages of detailed image and text instruction and…
  • 75 streaming, narrated grain technique videos with 24/7/365 easy access
  • You’ll master valuable grain features
    -Basic straight grain & advanced Heart grain
    -Desirable figure & tone features like “Curly”, “Fiddle” & more
    -Knots, cracks & other details for mind bending realism
  • Oak (4 types), Walnut, Burl, Antique Yellow Pine, Macassar Ebony, Maple, Cherry

perfectwoodgrain Faux wood master course Cover image

View on your favorite devices

Laptop, tablet or desktop

Load the PDF eBooks and watch the videos on your Android tablet, iPad and laptop for easy access in the studio or on the job.

The eBooks are designed to be both in-depth learning tools and quick reference guides.

So you can get fast answers when you need them most.

PDF eBooks are the easiest to load and open for frustration-free viewing.  






Coaching & Creative & Technical Support

Boost your mastery of graining with one-on-one help from me.

Everybody learns differently. You’ll have unique questions about faux finishing, car painting, color matching, business, customer relations… 

We’ll focus on how you’ll be using the skills. 

Sometimes I have to dig deep into my resources and experience to find the answers.

That’s okay. I consider answering your questions one of my most important jobs, and I get to pass that new knowledge on in future course updates. 


Here’s what folks are saying about Perfect Woodgrain Courses…

“Norman’s lessons are by far the best and most detailed available.

He has exposed the nitty gritty instructions that all real craftsman want to know–not just the generic guidelines that are cookiecut in every other book. It is well worth the investment!”

~Christopher S. Cabinet reface and door restoration pro


“You have been so great at getting back to me and providing helpful information. Thank you Norman!”

~ Jordan W. Faux Finisher specializing in Faux Wood Doors


“I’m really grateful to you for sharing your knowledge as I couldn’t have done it without your excellent books and videos!

Although I’m an artist and have worked in glazes prior to this, your system was so easy to follow and made this project a breeze!

Thanks again for your Perfect Woodgrain course. The step-by-step process was as if you were teaching me one-on-one.”

~ Debra W. Faux Finisher specializing in historic home restoration


“This course rocks! I’m already working on my first wood grain dash.”

~David R. Antique auto restoration hobbyist

“Great product, Great communication!”

~Stacy T. Pro faux finisher

“This course paid for itself on my first project TIMES TEN!”

~Mike T. Furniture repair professional


“This guy is pure genius! I learned more about wood grain and colors from this artist than anyone or anywhere in my entire career in the film industry.

His instruction has been instrumental to the way I finish movie props, today, which require faux wood.

One of the best! I can vouch first hand that if you just talk with Norman for 15 minutes, you’ll take away more knowledge than you’ll know what to do with.

Not trying to sound like an infomercial… just being totally honest! Thanks bro for all your hard work!”

~Ken P. Film set and prop designer


“I’ve obtained a small library on decorative painting, many on faux wood graining. None compare to your generous lessons. Thank you Norman.”

~Adam P. Expert grainer, high end trim and cabinet finisher, color matching master


Course Timing Details

All Three modules plus all Three Bonuses will be ready for download upon sign-up.

One- Prepped & Ready: Everything you need to know about brushes, colors, glaze, tools and materials

Two- Real Wood Models: Get the skills to recreate any valuable real wood, not just my examples

Three- The graining lessons: Every detail revealed through narrated video, images and text

Coaching starts upon checkout. You’ll get access to me via a private email address so you can quickly get answers to any questions or concerns. 

You will access the videos any time, 24/7/365, from the comfort of your home, shop or studio, or on the job site. 

You’ll have the eBooks on all your devices including desktops, laptops, and tablets. 

Limited Time, 4 Bonus Special

Bonus #1

Faux Curly Maple Gift Box with Lapis Lazuli Inlay Tutorial

I take you on a journey via narrated video, plus eBook with text and image instruction.

  • From choosing an object to paint, to final clear coats and all points in between.
  • Curly Maple is one of the great faux hardwoods, highly sought after for fine furniture, high end auto interiors and much more.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a gorgeous, rich semi-precious stone and this technique is incredibly realistic.
  • The inlay skills (aka marquetry) can be applied to any finish.


Bonus #2

Pitbull Chewed Coffee Table Trash to Treasure Tutorial

I rescued a table and applied a gorgeous Figured White Oak and Macassar Ebony Inlay…

Get valuable skills for artistic design, furniture repair, classic banding inlay techniques and more

  • Figured Oak heart grain

  • Macassar Ebony inlay banding

  • How to find free or cheap furniture for restoration

  • Design process planning and execution

  • How to repair severely damaged furniture



Bonus #3

’47 Chevy Business Coupe Dash & Trim Faux Wood Masterpiece Tutorial

I’ve been connecting faux finishers and custom auto creators for a full decade. 

In this tutorial, I walk you through…

  • How to Work with auto customers
  • Create samples to establish color and style
  • How to get PAID for sample creation
  • Original auto woodgrain vs realistic
  • Dash and trim removal
  • Steel prep for graining
  • Materials specific to auto woodgrain
  • Photographing finished work

Wood Grain Car Paint Project 1947 Chevrolet Business Coup Dashboard in Faux Painted Burl


Bonus #4

Printable Quick Reference Cards

The Faux Wood Master Course printable quick reference cards show all the steps, base colors, glaze color formulas, tools and materials for each wood type.

  • You’ll use these cards for on the job or in the studio quick access to the technical details of each wood.
  • Once you’re familiar with the woods, these cards will likely be all you need to create that wood in the future. 
  • Of course you’ll also have the eBook and access to the video any time you need a refresher. 


ZERO risk 60 day no-hassle guaranty

I’ve worked very hard to make sure that these courses get results, and my students agree.

That being said, the eBook comes with a full 60-day money-back guaranty.

If you’re disappointed for any reason, just shoot me an email and we’ll part ways.

Full refund. No questions asked.

Norman Petersen

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