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Faux Maple Wood Grain Gift Box


Why “D.E.P.”?
Greetings, and thanks for joining me for this tutorial.

I love transforming ordinary, everyday items into something beautiful and, with some planning and luck, maybe even extraordinary.

I was inspired to do this box when I realized that my mother (her initials are D.E.P.) needed a pencil box to reduce clutter on her desk…

I’d been searching for the right box in craft and thrift stores… without luck. One day I passed a cigar shop in Seattle. They had a table outside stacked with empty boxes and a sign; “$3-$5 each”.Maple Grain Tutorial Cigar Boxes

Many of the boxes were of decent quality; all wood, tight joints, smooth, working hardware… I found a couple that I liked, including a low, rectangular one perfect for moms pencil box.

You don’t have to use a cigar box. Any object with a flat surface that can be primed and painted will do. I have some suggestions in the next section for other items to do this project on.

You will probably have a question or two. My paid courses include technical and creative support via email. Please consider yourself one of my students while working through this tutorial and email me with any questions you may have. 

I’m excited to see what you create.

Norman Petersen”

Whether you’re a car painter, faux finisher, crafter or a D.I.Y. weekend warrior, this free eBook is packed with valuable info.

You’ll learn from detailed images, text instruction and narrated video. Faux Painted Curly Maple & Lapis Box

What you’ll learn in the Free Faux Maple Grain Tutorial with Lapis Lazuli Inlay

  • Graining: “Curly” style Faux Maple technique
  • Faux Lapis Lazuli: Gorgeous semi-precious stone 
  • Faux Finishing Secrets: Brushes, tools, materials and more
  • Project preparation: Priming, sanding, masking, base coating…
  • Design Options: Layout, color, lettering…
  • Inlay method: Masking film application and cutting, stenciling…

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