Fake Wood Paint That Beats Real Wood

How you can create fake wood paint that looks better than real wood. 

One of my goals has been to develop a fake wood paint system that allows you to feature and enhance the most attractive aspects of real wood.

Here’s a pic of some faux Macassar Ebony that I painted on a serving tray.

Below that is the photo of a piece of real Macassar Ebony that I used for my model.


Faux Painted Macassar Ebony woodgrain


I like Macassar Ebony because it has the black grain features of ebony with some added rich, deep yellows and reds.


Perfectwoodgrain Real Macassar Ebony

I didn’t like the curved grain lines or vertical check marks (all those little white lines), so when I painted my version of this wood, I straightened out the grain and left out the checks.

Carpenters have to deal with inconsistencies in color, grain and figure all the time.

It can be very frustrating and if they could straighten out grain lines or change color at will, they definitely would.

Perfect Wood Grain Courses allow you to actually improve on nature; to make painted wood that looks like the real wood that carpenters prefer to build with.

Fake Painted Macassar Ebony Woodgrain Perfectwoodgrain


When some aspect of color or figure in a piece of real wood catches your eye, keep in mind that you can use elements of it in your fake wood paint work and leave out aspects that don’t work for you.

Thanks for reading and happy graining.



Would you like some help with Faux Woodgrain?

Link to woodgrain paint course sign up page


Link to woodgrain car paint course sign up page



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  2. Joe Garcia
    | Reply

    Hello I am very intrseted in your course i restore vintage automobiles for a hobbie and have been doing paint and body for abought 20 years self taught i always wanted to master the art of wood graining i have the basic concept i have done some wood graining would like to master it, thank you for any info

  3. lyle severance
    | Reply

    I would like to paint the outer trim on a 1996 Buick Roadmaster estate wagon.

  4. […] we do have a lot of flexibility and freedom to improve and adjust, we don’t have Carte […]

  5. […] we do have a lot of flexibility and freedom to improve and adjust, we don’t have Carte […]

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