Faux Finishing Business Success: Part 2 of 4

Part one is here. It’s all about understanding the costs of running a faux finishing business, and getting paid for your efforts.  A quality portfolio of samples for faux finishing business success A Faux Finish Sample Panel is a physical, painted example of … Read More

Free Faux Maple Grain Tutorial with Lapis Lazuli Inlay

The following is an excerpt from the Free Faux Maple Grain Tutorial with Lapis Lazuli Inlay eBook. Get your copy of the eBook. Details at the bottom of this post.  “Introduction  Why “D.E.P.”? Greetings, and thanks for joining me for this … Read More

Hudson Hornet Woodgrain Project

This is a project I did in August, 2014 for a fella based in New England. He saw this site and sent me a note through my Service Inquiry form.  The car is a 1952 Hudson Hornet. A legend of auto racing, cherished by … Read More

Wood Faux Finish Super-Powers: 10 reasons to get them.

Wood Faux Finish Super-Powers, Part 1 of 3.  Part Two. Part Three Why Wood Faux Finish Skills? Why take the time to learn to Wood Faux Finish? Why not use real wood? Or how about that wallpaper that looks kinda like wood? Why … Read More
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Faux Painted Curly Maple & Lapis Box