Faux Finishing Business Success: Part 3 of 4

Back in the first post of this series, I talked about how important it is to know the cost of running a faux finishing business, and charging enough to be profitable. In part two, I get into the nitty gritty of building a … Read More

Faux Wood Car Paint Project: 1931 Buick

Partial Faux Wood Trim Restoration The owner wanted to minimize changes to the original interior.  He removed the 5 pieces that were most damaged. Of course my advice was to do them all at once. After my work was done and … Read More

Hudson Hornet Woodgrain Project

This is a project I did in August, 2014 for a fella based in New England. He saw this site and sent me a note through my Service Inquiry form.  The car is a 1952 Hudson Hornet. A legend of auto racing, cherished by … Read More

Faux Wood Finish Details: What would the carpenter do?

Faux Wood Finish Details: What would the carpenter do? She’d work within the limitations of the wood She has no choice because woodworking has rules set by nature. For example, oak only bends so much before it separates and comes … Read More
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