Cash Register Faux Wood Paint Restoration

A Gift for Dad In December, 2015 I was contacted by a fellow who’s restoring a 1920, model 711, single counter NCR Cash Register.  There are many old mechanical cash registers in circulation. National Cash Register was a major manufacturer, and they … Read More

Faux Wood Paint Colors: The Ultimate Guide

Note, 3/2017: Here’s a link to Amazon for Cal-Tint UTC’s in all the colors listed below. I’ve used Cal-Tint for years and they work great.  Searching on line for faux wood paint colors, I see millions of results from multiple … Read More

Gorgeous Faux Wood Paint: The Smart Way to Learn

Early faux wood paint Let’s go back in time to 1850. Imagine you’re a professional painter/decorator, and a wealthy clients asks you to make his plaster columns look like Oak.  – I’ve seen it in France and it looks amazing. – … Read More
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Faux Painted Curly Maple & Lapis Box