Mahogany Faux Wood Paint: Swedish Tall Clock Restoration

The Clients When it comes to client experiences, I’ve been very fortunate. Most of the people I’ve worked for have been creative, interesting, fun and generous.  The folks who hired me for this project are no exception.  Steve got in … Read More

Cash Register Faux Wood Paint Restoration

A Gift for Dad In December, 2015 I was contacted by a fellow who’s restoring a 1920, model 711, single counter NCR Cash Register.  There are many old mechanical cash registers in circulation. National Cash Register was a major manufacturer, and they … Read More

Faux Wood Paint Colors: The Ultimate Guide

Note, 3/2018: Here’s a link to Amazon for Cal-Tint UTC’s in all the colors listed below. I’ve used Cal-Tint for years and they work great.  Searching on line for faux wood paint colors, I see millions of results from multiple … Read More
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Faux Painted Curly Maple & Lapis Box