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Why the antique car collector swore at me

He stared through the open passenger door of the fully custom 1947 Chevrolet Business Coupe.

“So…you carved that dash board out of Walnut?”

” No, I painted it.” He looked confused.

“You mean… you painted the Walnut?”

“Um… it’s not Walnut. It’s paint.”

The confused look intensified..

“Well…it looks just like Walnut Burl. If it’s not Walnut, what kind of WOOD is it?”

There were about a dozen other car enthusiasts waiting with questions and I feared this back and forth might last all afternoon. 

I pulled out my keys and used one to tap on the dash.

It clanked like a cast-iron fry-pan; the lovely sound of early American, Detroit steel.

It finally sunk in. He turned a little pale.

“Whoa! It’s metal! How the hell did you do that?!”

I told him that I used a method I’d developed out of years of research and practice.

Show stopping, impressive results that get clients, friends and family buzzing about your work.

Fun method: Crystal-clear instructions with narrated video & high-res images.

Add valuable graining to your list of custom paint skills for maximum profit and industry exposure. 

Old-World, realistic faux paint methods adapted for YOU, the custom car & restoration pro or hobbyist.


Over 25+ years as a professional grainer…

I noticed that there’s almost no graining instruction for custom car painters. What is available leaves a lot to be desired.

This is because all the best graining is done in another industry (called “faux finishing”), so it’s not even available to car people. 

  • When custom car collectors started begging me to grain their dashboards, escutcheons, trim, woodies… I decided to create The Car Graining Course. 
  • It took many years of blood, sweat and tears to rework and reformulate the old, traditional graining methods for the custom car industry. 
  • I combined old-world methods (Really old! Like, Egypt old) with modern tools and materials to write, photograph, film and narrate the only auto industry graining system available. 


Here’s how you’ll get graining skills


  • Learn at your own pace: From the comfort of your desk, shop, garage, studio…
  • Access the eBooks, videos and images any time. 
  • Video: One-Click, 24/7, Easy: Get exclusive access to clear, concise video with audio (like YouTube) for each graining lesson.
  • Crystal clear, no guess work: Videos show every detail of tool, brush and material use.
  • Hi-Res Images, Step-By-Step Text: The PDF eBooks are readable on any laptop, desktop or pad. Every detail is explained and supported with pictures. 
  • Course comes with direct access to me, the author for creative and technical support for your unique level of skill and your projects?
  • Every stage covered: From bare steel to primer to gorgeous grain to final clear coat.




Learn on your favorite devices

Laptop, tablet or desktop

Load the PDF eBooks and watch the videos on your Android tablet, iPad and laptop for easy access in the studio or on the job.

The eBooks are designed to be both in-depth learning tools and quick reference guides.

So you can get fast answers when you need them most.

PDF eBooks are the easiest to load and open for frustration-free viewing.  


“Normans lessons are by far the best and most detailed available.

He has exposed the nitty gritty instructions that all real craftsman want to know–not just the generic guidelines that are cookiecut in every other book. It is well worth the investment!” ~Christopher S


Hands-on projects

The Car Graining Course is packed with graining projects that make you my virtual apprentice and get you creating gorgeous faux wood for your car projects. 

The Secret Weapon

You’ll learn how to choose and observe hi-res images of real wood (and original factory grain) to create the most beautiful, realistic faux wood. 

Color matching secrets and details for making your projects harmonize with upholstery and other design elements.


Birdseye Maple. One of many real wood models included in the course.


Some of what you’ll learn in The Car Graining Course

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  • Classic Car Grain
  • Custom, Realistic Woodgrain
    Beginner through advanced
  • Maple: Basic, Heart and Birds Eye
  • American Black Walnut
  • Walnut Burl


Mix & Match grain effects & colors for a multitude of custom wood grains

  • Antique style grain found in early model cars
  • American Black Walnut
  • Burl in deep, rich colors 
  • Birdseye Maple common in high-end cars
  • Heart grain, knots & cracks for mind-bending realism
  • “Curly” and figure effects found in highly valuable hardwoods


“This course rocks! I’m already working on my first wood grain dash.” ~David R.

“Great product, Great communication!” ~Stacy T.

“This course paid for itself on my first project TIMES TEN!” ~Mike T.



Prepped & Ready: The ultimate guide to outfitting your woodgrain paint shop

Simplifies the prep, tools and materials needed for graining

  • Master list of brushes, tools & materials for each wood taught
  • Materials: Primers, base coats, colors, paint sheen details, isolation layers secrets
  • Acrylic vs Oil mediums demystified and compared
  • Best types of glaze (caution: using the wrong kind of glaze will cause great sadness)
  • Colorants for infinite flexibility, customizing, matching…
  • Surface Preparation for woods, metals, plastics and more
  • Masking secrets for sharp, clean lines and mess-free projects
  • Sample and practice board material and prep details
  • You’ll download Prepped & Ready at checkout with the rest of the course.







Creative and technical support

  • Boost your mastery of graining with one-on-one help from me, the author of The Car Graining Course.
  • My talented students ask questions about car painting, faux finishing, color matching, business, customer relations… Everybody learns differently and has unique questions.
  • Sometimes I have to dig very deep into my own resources and experience to find the answers.
  • In the end, we’re both better educated and I get to pass that new knowledge on in the next version of the course (version upgrades are free, by the way). With all that in mind; I can’t afford to not help!
  • We’ll focus on how you’ll be using the skill, for your specific projects.
  • Painting techniques, special projects, business growth, client relations, design, creativity…
  • What’s the Value? I’ve been told that one-on-one coaching with the author should cost at least $125/hour. I’m more interested in improving my courses over time.


Is The Car Graining Course for you?

I worked hard to create a course that would provide highest value to a wide range of auto paint and restoration folks. Still, not everyone will feel ready to learn a new skill.

Here are a few questions that will help you decide if you’re ready to purchase this course.

    • Do you consider yourself creative?
    • Do you enjoy working with your hands?
    • Are you intrigued by color combinations and concepts?
    • Do you feel totally excited about learning to use new tools and materials?

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, rest assured that The Car Graining Course will be a rewarding learning experience at both the personal and professional levels. 


Course timing & delivery details

All course PDF modules will be delivered to your inbox when you sign up.

Video access is 24/7 so you can view and practice the techniques on your own 

Coaching starts upon checkout. You’ll get access to a private email address so you can quickly get answers to any questions or concerns.

Study any time, on your own time, at your convenience. Just open up the eBooks and stream the training videos. 


ZERO Risk! 60 Day, No-Hassle Guaranty

I’ve worked very hard to make sure that The Car Graining Course gets results, and my students agree.

That being said, this course comes with a full 60-day money-back guaranty.

If you’re disappointed for any reason, just shoot me an email and we’ll part ways. Full refund. No questions asked.




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“I’ve obtained a small library on decorative painting, many on faux wood graining. None compare to your generous lessons. Thank you Norman.” ~Adam P. 


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